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Welcome to the Bailecubano website! If you are visiting the Pacific Northwest or new to Seattle, we look forward to seeing you out on the dance floor.  You’ll find current events and links to bands, instructors and venues here and we welcome you to connect with our community through the Seattle Rueda Blog

Events posted on the site are in Seattle, elsewhere in the Northwest, and on occasion far, far away.  Our focus is on celebrating Cuban music and dance while including other events of interest to the most avid musician or dancer. 

We do our best to keep events current and the calendars are refreshed approximately every 2 hours.  Most of the events feed directly from Facebook and are maintained and updated by the event organizers. 

Questions about an event? 

Please contact the event organizer directly.

Questions about the website or posting an event? 

More details below...

The Madness behind the Reason

In the days of information overload there is so much to do and even more ways to find out about it.  One of our goals it to make sense of it all, to publish a consolidated calendar of events. 

A current calendar of events. 

A low-maintenance calendar of events. 

A calendar that that is easy enough to use that people will use it.

Bailecubano is what we created.  It is a project grown from a passion for music and dance and a desire to share it.  We hope that you will use the site well.  Salud!

Two Ways to Post

The Bailecubano calendars are designed to leverage events already posted on Facebook.  So if you have a presence and use FB to advertise your events, you can post to our calendars by simply sending an invitation on Facebook.  The advantage is that you can reach even more people by posting to an online calendar and the public can see everything that is happening, even if they aren’t connected to you on Facebook.  You get the best of both worlds with one event.  Less maintenance.  If you are interested in posting events or staying in touch on FB, find us at one of these pages:


        Seattle, Tacoma and places nearby - La Candela

        Oregon and Northern California - Baile Cubano

        Bellingham WA and Vancouver BC - Ata caTimba

For those not using or not interested in FB, you can still post to a calendar though there might be a bit of a delay since then you have to wait for us to check our email and review it for approval.  However, this allows for repeating events and we will allow you to post them for up to 2 months at a time.  Higher maintenance but more versatility.

Post Using Facebook

Best for One-Time or Infrequent Events

To publish to the calendars, create an event on Facebook and invite one of the FB pages above.

It is that simple.  Your event will post to the calendar within 2 hours.

Any updates made to your FB event will be automatically reflected in the calendars as well. 

Post Using Calendar

Best for Repeating Events

To publish to a calendar, go to the website

and choose a calendar. 

Seattle (Seattle Area, Tacoma)

North (Bellingham, Vancouver)

South (Oregon, Northern California)

Click on the ‘Add Event’ link at the bottom of the Upcoming Events listed under the calendar.  Add a description of your event including contact information and keep the link provided when you submit.  This will allow future access for updates to your event.

Your events will be reviewed for approval and posted within 24 - 48 hours.


For questions about what types of events we will post or to inquire about why yours might not have shown up on the calendar, contact us at

Support the Project

The success of the website is dependent upon how much you use it. You can help our project grow.  Include a link to BaileCubano on your website, your FB page, and your event announcements.  And keep us current by sending info about new groups, instructors and venues.

If you have links, photos or videos you would like us to post or input about how we could make the site more useful, please contact us at  Thank you much!   See you on the dance floor!


                                                                                                                 ~Chaille Mount

                                                                                                                  ‘Que el fin del mundo te pille bailando!’

                                                                         Special thanks to Ed Alejandro for providing the server and domain!

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